We pay cash for junk cars!

Your old car doesn’t work anymore and you cannot fix it? Do you need money to get a new car? Call us, we have the perfect solution to your problem!

In Bautista Towing, we pay cash for junk cars and collect them at your home, work, freeway, or any other location! Don’t let your old car sit in your driveway. Not only will it attract animals and dust to your home, but also cause complaints from your neighbors, and perhaps even a ticket from the city. Junk cars can be turned into cash instantly! Think about it. Instead of paying someone to remove your car from your driveway, you can get money for getting rid of it!

And if you’re looking for car parts, we can help you too! There is no need to pay a lot of money for an engine, transmission, or any other car part at the dealer. Call Bautista Towing and let us help find what you’re looking for, at a lower price! Were you thinking of selling your car parts online? Selling junk cars for parts can take months. Don’t waste your time and get cash for your car today!